2021 Conference

We invite you to join us for the International Workshop on Household Survey Nonresponse in Stockholm, Sweden, 13-15 October 2021, hosted by Statistics Sweden and the University of Stockholm.

The timing is a bit different from other years, because ‘our’ workshop will be organized back to back to a workshop by the university of Stockholm, where a number of the regular Nonresponse participants is invited to speak. To preclude unnecessary traveling (and of course we hope that that is possible again by that time), we came up with this solution.

If you haven’t come to the Workshop before, here is a taste of the topics discussed in other years:

  • the role of adaptive survey designs in nonresponse bias and data collection costs
  • using paradata to study interviewer effects
  • the new forms of nonresponse in new forms of (passive) data mobile collection
  • raising trust in statistics and statistical offices
  • opportunities and challenges of respondent device diversity
  • how measurement error affects the ability to adjust for nonresponse
  • adapting traditional contact and data collection protocols to accommodate changing communication styles
  • the differential effects of incentives on interviewers and respondents
  • how accurately we are describing the population when so many members are precluded by the protocol

Are these questions that you are thinking about as well? More of this and other related topics are in store for 2021. In a few weeks’ time we will be able to give you more details about the workshop and will invite abstracts.

See you in Stockholm!

Annemieke Luiten, Statistics Netherlands,
Ingegerd Jansson, Statistics Sweden,
Dan Hedlin, University of Stockholm