Day 1 August 31
9:00 Registration 
9:15 Official Opening by Statistics Norway
9:30 Field Tests and Experiments to Improve Response Rates, Part I, digital communication
  Facilitator:  Matt Jonas
  (Reminder of format:  5 min + 20 min discussion)
  Walejko: A new contact strategy: Targeted advertising for address- based samples
  Lagerstrøm et al: Transition from postal advance letters to digital communication – impact on response behavior and costs
  Bates & Virgile: Digital advertising during Census 2015: impact on hard-to-survey populations
10:45 Break
11:05 Nonresponse bias
  Facilitator:  Gerrit Müller
  Moore et al: Using linked census data to estimate survey-nonresponse biases
  Blohm & Koch: Regularities in changes of sample composition during the data collection period. The case of the German General Social Survey (ALLBUS)
  Beullens & Loosveldt: Reducing the differences between respondents and nonrespondents or increasing the response rate? What is the best order to reduce nonresponse bias? 
12:20 Lunch
13:20 Panel: Non-response, data protection and research ethics
  Facilitator:   Ineke Stoop
  Stoop: Introduction
  Joye: Survey climate
  Rød: Legal and ethical issues when collecting and using information on nonrespondents
  Butt: Practicalities in the ADD response project
  Jensen: refusal conversion and collecting information on non-respondents
14:45 Break
15:05 Attrition 
  Facilitator:  Michael Blohm
  Ariyibi (for Matthew Greenaway and Andrea Lacey): Investigating attrition on the UK Labour Force Survey. 
  Müller et al: A statistical framework for the fade-away of initial nonresponse bias in panel surveys. 
  De Leeuw et al: Survey attitude, Nonresponse and attrition in a probability based online panel. 
16:20 Miscellaneous
  Facilitator:  Wojciech Jablonski
  Wuyts & Loosveldt: Workload-related interviewer characteristics and unit nonresponse in ESS Belgium. 
  Furubljlelke et al: Handling incoming calls and messages from respondent in order to streamline the data collection and provide good service. 
17:10 End of day 1
9:00 Day 2 September 1
  Sampling and Weighting
  Facilitator:  Joop Hox
  Helmschrott: The effects of weighting on secondary outcomes in PIAAC Germany
  Laaksonen: Anticipation of unit nonresponse or not in the sampling design
9:45 Adaptive Survey Design, Part I
  Facilitator:  Joop Hox
  Cornesse & Bosnjak: the association between survey design and representativeness: a meta-analysis of common approaches.
  Mushkudiani et al : A Bayesian analysis of survey design parameters
10:30 Break
10:55 Adaptive Survey Design, Part II
  Facilitator:  Bengt Lagerstrøm
  Scherpenzeel et al: Can we use the relationship between income, item nonresponse an panel attrition in an adaptive fieldwork design? A study in the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE
  Johansson: Noncontacts in the Swedish Labour Force Survey – impact on survey quality, costs and survey operations. 
11:40 Field Tests and Experiments to Improve Response Rates, Part II:
  Facilitator: Koen Beullens
  Mohay:  Early results of the PIAAC field test
  Lagerstrøm: data collection strategies in the EU-SILC: more for less? 
12:25 Lunch
13:25 Actions, Interactions, and Interviewer Training: Suggestions from an Interactional Model of the Recruitment Call 
  Keynote Speech by Dr. Nora Cate Schaeffer 
  with discussion
14:10 Special Session:  Interviewer Behaviour
  Facilitator: Annemieke Luiten
  Special Session, Part I
  Blom: Comparing interviewer characteristics and explaining interviewer effect on nonresponse across four German face-to-face data collections 
  Pollien: Interviewer strategies; influence on contact and cooperation. 
15:00 Break
15:25 Special Session, Part II
  Facilitator: Dominique Joye
  Bristle: Reading Fast, Reading Slow:
Interviewer Behavior and the Influence on Survey Outcomes
  Jablonski:  Interviewers in computer assisted telephone interviews: standardization controversy. 
  Burgers: E-learning for starting interviewers: effects on efficiency and interviewer performance. 
  Friedel:  Item nonresponse and interviewer effects on asset questions in SHARE
17:05 Day 2 ends
9:00 Day 3 September 2
  Field Tests and Experiments to Improve Response Rates, Part III: incentives
  Facilitator:  Nancy Bates
  Luiten: Incentives in official statistics: effects on response, representativeness and target variables.
  Jonas: Can interviewers target incentives effectively
  Thorsteinsdottir: Incentives in the Icelandic HBS
9:20 Discussion on improving response rates, Part III
10:00 Field Tests and Experiments to Improve Response Rates, Part IV
  Facilitator: François Laflamme
  Gaudet: Strategies to handle non-response in the Canadian Community Health Survey: Past, present and future. 
  Lagerstrøm et al: Strategies to get response online
10:40 Break
11:00 Miscelaneous II
  Facilitator: Annette Scherpenzeel
  Loosveldt and Vercruyssen:  Validating Interviewer-observed paradata with auxiliary data from Google Street View
  Laflamme: Framework to assess the 'maximum'expected response rate for different designs and conditions
  Luiten et al: First results of the International Questionnaire on Nonresponse
12:05 Closing Discussion
  Facilitator:  Annemieke Luiten
12:35 Workshop ends