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4th September 2012


9:15         Registration


9:45         Official opening by StatCan


10:00       Nonresponse in longitudinal surveys

Facilitator:  Kaminska

Lynn:  Failing to locate panel sample members: minimising the risk

Müller:  Improving efficiency in panel surveys with paradata

Wilhelmsen:  Effects of attrition in the Norwegian Survey on statistics on income and living conditions (EU-Silc)

Coppola:  Attrition rates in longitudinal household surveys: does sampling scheme matter?


11:30       Break 


11:45       Other reasons for nonresponse

Facilitator:  Gambino

Stoop:  Not able and not available:  the other reasons

Matsuo:  Other (not non-contact, not refusal) types of non-response in cross-national surveys


12:20       Lunch


1:45         Making use of paradata in new ways

Facilitator:  Lynn

Sinibaldi:  Investigation of a new interviewer observation: interviewer assessments of response propensity

Erdman:  Development of interviewer performance standards for six national surveys

Laflamme:  An overview of web paradata to understand and monitor the data collection process

Loosveldt:  The impact of interviewer fieldwork performance on the response process and data quality


3:10         Break


3:30         Break out groups on new types of paradata and responsive design


4:15         Presentations from break out groups


4:45         Day ends


Conference Dinner


5th September 2012


9:10         Day 2 opens


9:15         Responsive design

Facilitator:  Dixon

Calinescu:  Improving response in adaptive survey designs given constraints on risk of undesirable measurement profiles

Bocci:  A Theoretical Framework for Adaptive Collection Designs

Cobben:  Reducing non-representative response through adaptive survey design or by weighting adjustment?

Beullens:  A strong case for smaller sample sizes?


10:40       Break


10:55       Correcting for nonresponse

Facilitator:  Cobben

Dixon:  Using contact history to adjust for nonresponse in the Current Population Survey

Kaminska:  Taking into account unknown eligibility in nonresponse correction


11:40       Consent questions

Facilitator:  Wilhelmsen

Lamla:  Nonresponse to consent questions: the SAVE experience


12:00       Lunch


1:30         Census data

Facilitator:  Beullens

James:  The 2011 UK Census Non-response Link Study Plans for the UK Census


2:10         Mathieu & Verret:  Canada’s National Household Survey:  replacing the long form

·         Background

·         Nonresponse strategy

·         Imputation & Weighting

·         Discussion


3:30         Break


3:45         Break out groups


4:30         Presentation of results of break out groups


5:00         Day ends


Evening cruise


6th September 2012


9:30         Incentives

Facilitator:  Toomse

Felderer:  The influence of respondent incentives on item nonresponse in a web survey

Joye:  What about incentives?  A Swiss perspective


10:10       Panel on the future of incentives


10:45       Closing Discussion

Facilitator:  Sinibaldi

o   Thoughts on the 2012 Nonresponse Workshop

o   Future plans for the workshop


11:30       Workshop closes