This website supports activities of  the annual Household Survey Nonresponse Workshop. It serves only to the participants of the workshop. Registered participants have access to the archives of all years.

The International Workshop on Household Survey Nonresponse was founded in 1990 in Stockholm by Professor Robert Groves, Professor Lars Lyberg, and Dr. Bob Barnes.

Since then, the Workshop has been hosted by different countries each year. In 1999, the Workshop held a large, international conference on Nonresponse, held in Portland, Oregon.  A monograph was published after the conference, edited by Groves, R., Dillman, D. A., Eltinge, J. L., and Little, R. J. A. Survey Nonresponse (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics).

Locations of recent conferences have been:  Budapest, Hungary in 2018, Utrecht, Nethlerlands in 2017, Oslo, Norway in 2017 and Leuven, Belgium, 2015. Special features of the workshops during these years have included an extended session on recent changes to national Censuses, break-out groups with active interviewers, a public panel debate on the topic of "Moving Beyond Response Rates", sessions on adaptive survey design, Push to Web technology, and mixed mode data collection. 

The 2019 Workshop will be hosted by RTI in North Carolina, and will take place from Wednesday 4 to Friday 6 September. So, please mark your calendar for that time and plan to join us! 

The focus of the Workshop is nonresponse in household surveys. The main goal of the Workshop is to bring "adjusters" and "reducers" together and to initiate cooperation on different projects.

The Workshop facilitates the exchange of new ideas and collaboration between researchers actively involved in nonresponse research. In this spirit, the Workshop encourages participants to present work that is still in progress as well as novel approaches to nonresponse issues.

The Workshop is conducted in English. Registered users that are recent attendees have full access to materials from past workshops.