Travel information and venue

Dear participant,

We would like to give you some practical information for your stay in Norway.

Arrival in Norway and Oslo

Upon arrival at Oslo airport (Gardermoen) – when you have collected your luggage and entered the arrivals hall, turn to the right. We recommend that you take the airport express train, known as “Flytoget”, into Oslo city centre. This costs NOK 180. You can pay in cash at a ticket window or use a credit/debit card at the ticket machines. There is a train every 20 minutes. Alight at Oslo S, which is the main railway station in Oslo. Taking a taxi from the airport into Oslo city centre is rather expensive and takes longer time. For more information see:

Work shop location

All work shop activity will take place in Statistics Norway’s premises at Akersveien 26, Oslo, which is located app. 1 km from the city centre, and within walking distance of the central station (1.5 km). See Google maps for routes from the desired position.

All participants must register at Statistics Norway’s reception desk on the first day. You will receive a visitor’s badge showing that you are allowed to stay in the building. Please make sure that your badge is always visible and remember to hand it in at reception on the last day.

The work shop will be held in the auditorium at our meeting facility.

A wireless network is available in the building, and username and password will be provided.


Lunch will be hosted by Statistics Norway and will be served in the meeting centre or the canteen.

Social programme

Statistics Norway will host a dinner September 1. Unfortunately, the dinner will cost 30 Euro per person. Please indicate if you want to take part in the dinner and your choice of fish or meat in an email to before August 28. If you have allergies or for other dietary reasons, please indicate that in the email and we will arrange something with the restaurant in order to meet your wishes. More practical details about the social program will be shared with you on the first day of the workshop. If you have any other practical questions about your stay in Oslo, please contact

Leisure time

There might be some spare time in the evening to have a look around Oslo. You will find some helpful information for visitors to Oslo at

Practical information about Oslo and Norway

It can get cold in Oslo, depending on what time of the year you arrive. We recommend that you check the temperature before you arrive.

Shops in the centre of Oslo are generally open from 10am to 5pm, but shopping centres are open until 6pm or 8pm.

Banks are open from 9am to 3.30pm. All standard credit cards are accepted in the shops and there are cash dispensers on almost every corner. The local currency is Norwegian Kroner (NOK) 100 NOK = 9,5 euro

Smoking indoors is forbidden in public places in Norway, and this must be respected.

Most Norwegians speak English and there should generally not be a problem to get in contact with people.

Many visitors to Norway find our prices to be quite high, especially in restaurants. Due to high taxes, wine, beer and other beverages are expensive compare to most other countries. However, it is possible to find good places that offer meals at lower prices. Please let us know if you need some suggestions for places to eat.

Welcome to Oslo!